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Hlohovec EN

Observatory and Planetarium

Observatory and PlanetariumAddress:
HaP Hlohovec
Sladkovicova 41
920 01 Hlohovec
Slovak Republic

Geographic location:
Latitude: 48° 25′11″
Longitude: -17° 47′ 54″

Height: 231 m

phone: +421 33 730 1828

The observatory is located in the south-west part of the town of Hlohovec. It is just about 15 minutes on foot from the town square. The observatory itself is situated on the top of the hill called Svinna hora ("Swine hill").


Hlohovec is one of the nineteen towns in Slovakia with an observatory and one of the five towns in Slovakia with a planetarium. The institution serves for educational activities, popularization of astronomy, as well as scientific research.

It offers planetarium programmes, presentations and public observations of Sun and night sky. Activities are designed for students of primary and secondary schools and also for general public. Almost twenty thousand visitors per year utilize the services. We have collection of self-prepared high-quality programmes, educative films and video records from the field of astronomy.

The observatory and planetarium organizes interest activities for children and young people; Astronomical bee for pupils of primary schools and Youth Astronomer' Club for students of secondary schools. It prepare or participate in various meetings, seminars or conferences for young people, students, teachers, general public, as well as scientists.

The observatory utilizes state-of-the-art techical equipment, including the second biggest telescope in Slovakia. Large amount of hight-quality devices is used for popularization and scientific activities. Observational activities in both cases are supplied by research department of our institution. These activities are also performed by members of Observer' Club, the group of people interested into the astronomy and cooperating with Hlohovec Observatory and Planetarium in all its activities. The observatory obtains observational material from Sun, Solar system, our Galaxy and the other fields of interests, mainly from the field of variable stars. The materials are publish scientific, as well as popular papers in the national and international journals.

Hlohovec Observatory and Planetarium also supports the local branch of Slovak Astronomical Society.

Visit possibilities:
You can order the individual planetarium programme by phone (planetarium capacity: 54 seats).


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date: 2019-09-17

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